This is what you didn't have.

Years ago we sat down with our fellow Americans to create what we thought would be the best sounding and most beautiful guitar amplifier. Check out whether you agree with us.

Klaus Somerkoski


American sound, Finnish design.

Point-to-point handwired

All tube (6V6 / 5U4 / 12AX7)

Two custom made Fyr 10" speakers
(one ceramic, one AlNiCo)
by Weber, USA

This time both excellent clean
and excellent high gain
(plus everything in between)

Foot controller for tremolo
and gain boost with LED

3-spring tube reverb and tremolo

Ceramic tube sockets

Effect loop with mix control

Switches for 'bright' and
'12AY7 emulation'

4 inputs with different sounds

Cabin of genuine leather
on 25 mm Baltic birch plywood

Hand written face plate

Hand woven grille cloth

Hand made leather handle

Dimensions 62 - 25 - 45

Custom made flight case

American sound, Finnish design.


By the way, ”Fyr” means
”lighthouse” in Swedish.




Klaus Somerkoski

Taipaleentie 16

21140 Rymättylä, Finland



Sami Pitkämö
Ruokangas Guitars